Best Launcher for Android

Which is the Best Launcher for Android to download in 2018? We have actually evaluated all the very best right here. A launcher application is the best means to offer your phone an unique appearance. By pasting over its software, your tool will certainly get a completely brand-new personality within a faucet or more.

There are numerous choices readily available on Google Play, yet which should you choose? Some supply a full aesthetic overhaul, others hills of customisation. Lots of deal functions missing out on from standard Android and other customized UIs as well.

Best Launcher for Android

Best Launcher for Android

We've tried the most preferred Android launcher apps in 2018. These are our favourites.

Google Now

If your phone has a custom-made user interface and you do not like it a lot, the Google Now Launcher is the option. This pastes over your phone's own user interface with one based upon a vanilla Android look.

It isn't the interface you'll discover on Pixel phones; this is the initial Android Product look, seen before the Pixel style look into.

Nonetheless, it remains spick-and-span-- and also actually a little much more fun-looking than Pixel UI. Google Now Launcher is a great way to remove out the unwanted bonus in your phone's software.

Hopeless for Pixel UI? You'll need to side-load it by downloading and also setting up an APK application data from the XDA Developers discussion forum, for instance. If you desire the even more gesture-based feeling of Pixel UI offers, however, there are lots of various other choices.

Flick Launcher

Some launcher apps have been around nearly as long as Android itself. Flick Launcher is just one of the newer alternatives. And also, not a surprise, its aim is to provide your phone a much more 'present' style.

Like the user interface discovered on Pixel phones and also a few other new flagships, it utilizes gestures to flick in between homescreens and apps food selections.

It seems like a far more customisable variation of Google's own Pixel UI. For instance, you can choose the amount of rows and also columns fit onto the application cabinet, and the colour of the clear application display history. For the cleanest appearance, leave it as-is, though.

Flick Launcher also tweaks app alert triggers that rest over application icons, displaying them as a little circle with a number inside. This way, you'll recognize specifically the number of new Gmail e-mails you have entrusted to check out.

Spend for the Pro version and also you can access extra features, such as app folders that require to be unlocked with a finger print scan or password.

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft might have bowed out of making its own phones, but it still preserves one of one of the most intriguing and polished customized Android launchers out there.

Microsoft Launcher is a great fit for larger-screened Android devices, considering that it's able to fit a lot of details and symbols on each screen-- as well as it doesn't count on blank white histories to guarantee readability is best.

You'll either like or despise Bing wallpapers, which change up your history consistently from the Bing picture archive. This is optional, however.

The shortcut dock is one more interesting additional. In a great deal of new phones, an upwards swipe from a homescreen takes you to the application drawer. In Microsoft Launcher, it raises a dock of recently-used applications and also toggle controls for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and also the aircraft setting.

Predictably, Microsoft's primary aim with Microsoft Launcher is to obtain you to make use of Microsoft solutions such as its calendar and Cortana. You'll see these as part of an update feed homescreen, which rests to the left of your default homepage.

Microsoft Launcher isn't for everybody, yet it does give your Android a totally various feeling.
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Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher has actually been around since 2011, however it has actually relocated with the times far much better than most. Its mid-2018 manifestation feels and look much like an ultra-customisable variation of the interface of Google's very own phones.

When you initially fill it up, you can choose whether to bring up the application cabinet with a button press or swipe, and also you reach pick either the 'light' or 'dark' style. 5 seconds in, you'll have among the cleanest, most classy customized launchers going.

Dig deeper into Nova Launcher's setups and also you'll find loads of tweak. There's an Evening mode feature that switches over the theme based upon the time of day, severe customisation of font spacing and size, symbol shapes and the colour of most components.

This is much good-looking than the Nova Launcher of a couple of years earlier. You can additionally pick whether to arrange the application drawer horizontally or vertically, with choices for both a Google-style plan and a longer indexed checklist.

The paid-for Prime variation opens features such as application hiding and also motion faster ways. However most will likely enjoy with the giveaway Nova Launcher

Evie Launcher

This launcher doesn't try to ape the look of typical Android. It has its own design, and also it's fairly sophisticated.

Of many passion is the app cabinet. By default it's a scroll, similar in look to the user interfaces of OnePlus and Huawei. You can use a grid of symbols too, which can be scaled down to a near-ridiculous 12 × 12. This will certainly confirm handy for owners of large Android tablet computers irritated by exactly how little screen room is in fact utilized.

You obtain the very same degree of customisation for the homescreens, also.

Evie likewise supports motions, for those that want to get progressed. You can make a double homescreen faucet bring up the application drawer, for example, or a pinch reduce the notifications reel. You can 'conceal' apps too, which is a premium feature in competing Nova Launcher.

Evie does a terrific work of making severe Android designs look respectable.