How Do I Merge Facebook Pages

How Do I Merge Facebook Pages - This is an inquiry we obtain asked a great deal. As a professional athlete or a brand, you will most likely go through a time where you have two or even more Facebook web pages. One may be official and also the other informal, or there is an opportunity that a page was setup previously without your expertise.

Please note, this is only for those that have 2 or even more service, brand name or professional athlete web pages, and not for those intending to merge a profile into a web page. We will certainly cover this in a later blog site.

If you have 2 or more Facebook web pages, you'll possibly intend to merge these pages so you just need to manage one web page. The process modifications occasionally so we have offered a current version that is valid in 2015.

How Do I Merge Facebook Pages

1. To keep all your fans in one area. Combining the web pages implies you get to transfer all your followers from one page to the various other. This will enhance your target market and make your complying with appearance a lot more remarkable to sponsors, customers or customers.
2. It will certainly stay clear of confusion. When a follower is aiming to "Like" your web page on Facebook, having just one choice to select avoids confusion.
3. To reach as many individuals as feasible. Even if you typically aren't spending for Facebook marketing, your reach will certainly improve significantly when posting to one solitary web page.
4. It makes handling your Facebook existence a lot easier to handle. Having just one web page produces less work and an extra efficient way to manage your social media.

1. You must be an "Admin" of both web pages prior to you can merge.
2. Be 100% sure you want to combine, you could not undo this action after you merge.
3. Choose which page you wish to maintain, as the combine essentially suggests the various other page will be deleted. This will probably be the page that has the toughest web content, the majority of engagement, and the most amount of fans.
4. The name of the web pages need to be the same or similar to each other. If they typically aren't, modify the name of the page you want to get rid of to something comparable.
5. The pages must stand for the exact same brand name or athlete.
6. You will possibly want to back-up your web page prior to you merge, as you will shed all messages as well as pictures from the web page you are not maintaining. This will certainly not impact the web page you keep. There are several apps online that could aid you do this.

Keep in mind: There is a limit on how many times you can change a Web page name, so attempt to be particular that you have actually settled on the proper page name.

1. Log into the Facebook account you use to handle the two web pages
2. Go to
3. Enter your Facebook password in the supplied box and also click Continue.
4. From the first dropdown food selection, select the Web page you wish to keep.
5. From the second dropdown food selection, choose the Web page you want to merge with-- this page will be gotten rid of.
6. As soon as you are ready to merge the Pages, click Merge Pages.

Keep in mind: if you do not see a choice to merge particular Pages, it implies they are not qualified for merging.

* Your fans, reviews, rankings and check-ins will be incorporated into the one page.
* Messages, images as well as the username will certainly be completely erased from the page you have determined not to maintain.
* The only influence this will certainly carry the existing web page is the amount of fans you have. All settings, info and posts will remain the exact same from prior to the combine.
* Make certain to alert your fans of the relocation in the past as well as after that to prevent complication. Before the combine, post on the web page you are no longer keeping that you are relocating pages. After the merge, notify your fans that you have a brand-new web page with a welcome message.

Sometimes, a mistake message will show up. If this need to happen, visit this site as well as you'll be taken to a new home window, as seen listed below, with the option to merge your web page with as much as five various web pages. Complete the kind and also click "Send out.".

-- Facebook calls for the web pages to have comparable names. If you have 2 pages that are not in a similar way called, you can report the extra page that is not appearing as a "Duplicate." After a couple of days, this page may appear to combine as well as you can proceed.