How to Delete Activity Log From Facebook

Is it possible to get rid of the activity log on Facebook? If so, exactly how can I do it? The activity log of the timeline is an attribute introduced months ago with the account updated to the new timeline. How to Delete Activity Log From Facebook - Basically it is a log of all activities that relate to the account, the activities taken, such as sort clicked, wall posts, remarks, shares, as well as the looks into carried out on Facebook. Everything that is connected with the account is kept in the activity visit chronological order.

How to Delete Activity Log From Facebook

To access the Log gos to your journal and click the "activity Log" button in the lower right edge of the cover photo. Or simply click here to accessibility:

On the activity log you will find a variety of news daily detailed and categorized by classification. From the top of the menu you could choose which information filter to conveniently locate the ones that fascinate you. Every message you could click the icon for the Visibility in the diary that permits you to conceal the information from your diary (leaving the article on the activity log to choose whether to make it noticeable at a later date) or remove it completely from Facebook.

Caution: the covert news may show up elsewhere on Facebook. This indicates that if, as an example, a buddy discussed your condition upgrade as well as you hide the condition from your timeline, close friends could still see the updates on their ticker or information feed, with a history "Tom talked about the status update of Jerry". The only method to hide all the stories produced is to get rid of the information. Furthermore, an information concealed will certainly always come from its direct link.

In addition to conceal a news story or an article to everybody, from the activity log you can control the personal privacy setups of specific sorts of news. By doing this you can regulate who can see the things that you publish straight from the activity log without needing to go to see your timeline or the specific pages of each blog post.

Select the level of privacy you desire. For points posted on your diary you can, for instance, choose a customized privacy and choose to conceal them to one or more people.

Erase searches from activity log

Not long time ago Facebook presented the history of research study executed by yourself on Facebook in the activity log. The function can be accessed straight from this web page. No one besides you can see your activity log and after that nobody besides you can consult this checklist, yet you might need to remove one or all the study performed. To erase a search:

Open the activity log and pick Search from the menu on the left sidebar of the web page. The activity log will reveal all searches made in sequential order. If you want to remove a solitary search:

1. Click on the icon alongside the voice pertaining to your research

2. Click on Remove

If you wish to get rid of the entire list of study tasks from the register please click on the Clear button on top of the activity log to delete all your investigates as well as at the same time permanently.