How to See who Has Unfriended Me On Facebook

Discovering out that How To See Who Has Unfriended Me On Facebook is difficult? Not really, there is a simple plugin for that. Keep on reading.

Facebook, the social media giant which has over 100 million users from all over the world is known for keeping every function which users can request, however the function which they lack is that you can not to see who unfriended you. Its a small thing but comes useful in learning the social contacts you may have lost.

Generally there are 2 methods to discover that who unfriended you on Facebook Initially one is through an internet browser addons/extensions and other is a 3rd party site.

How To See Who Has Unfriended Me On Facebook.

The extension, which came to my rescue, was Unfriend Finder Though it requires a bit of finesse, it did what it guaranteed in its description.

1. Sweet and Simple: Unfriend Finder.

Get this super cool extension on your web browser from Chrome Shop. After you include it, the little icon on the top will turn red if any of your Facebook friends unfriend you and green if you get a buddy demand.

To make matters fast, Unfriend Finder also alerts you through a little window simply in case you're too hectic to look at the status bar.

If you wish to dig deeper to see, all it takes is a click on the Go to Application, which would show you all the details.

Besides, Unfriend Finder will likewise notify you if among your pals deactivates his or her account.

2. A Little More: F.B. (FluffBusting) Purity.

F.B. (FluffBusting) Purity has remained in use given that 2009. Though its main objective is to make your Facebook browsing experience as clean as possible by obstructing out contents that you consider unimportant, a small part of its job is also to show the list of buddies who have unfriended you.

If I were to compare these 2 apps, I 'd say F.B. Purity is a bit better as it lets you see the deleted list on Facebook's homepage itself-- without the need for you to go to a separate page.

Extra Features.

As I said previously, F.B. Purity is more than just a tool to see unfriended notices. You can also tune your Facebook settings to block apps and video game stories or the bothersome People You May Know block.

Plus, you can filter out specific expressions and words from your timeline through the built-in Text Filter.

Exactly what I liked about this extension was that it does its job smoothly without yelling at your face at all.

Not a Secret Anymore.
So now, you understand the best ways to see who unfriended you on Facebook. Though the roadway to see the list isn't really straight, Chrome extensions, like the ones above, make it simple enough.

How To See Who Has Unfriended Me On Facebook So, which one of these will you experiment with first? Do drop us a line or 2 in the comments below.