How to Unfollow On Facebook

How To Unfollow On Facebook - If you've gotten on Facebook for some time you probably have a pal or 2 whose articles have the tendency to truly jump on your nerves.

Perhaps they occasionally use language that's a little as well salted for your taste or they have the tendency to publish a hundred status updates a day loaded with worthless drivel that you could not care much less around. The listing of potential annoyances goes on and on.

How To Unfollow On Facebook

There are numerous reasons why you might not desire a certain good friend's blog posts appearing in your information feed, but did you recognize that there's a means to obstruct his/her blog posts without having to in fact unfriend them, possibly conserving your sanity and also your offline friendship at the same time? Right here's how:

1-- Go to your irritating close friend's Timeline page.

2-- Float your mouse over the "Following" switch and pick Unfollow [your friend's name] at the end of the drop-down menu.

That's all there is to it. You have currently quit following your pal, which suggests his/her blog posts will certainly not appear in your information feed.

Be aware however that stated close friend will certainly still be able to mark you in posts, message directly onto your Timeline as well as send you exclusive messages unless you alter your privacy setups to stop those activities.

Also, understand that your articles will still show up in your "hidden" pal's newsfeed unless you add him/her to your "Limited List". This message explains how to do that.

Bonus idea: When it comes right to it, there's no such point as real personal privacy on Facebook. This blog post describes why.