Why Do People Block Me On Facebook

By obstructing a user, an individual can obstruct a user to view his profile, send out friend requests, send out messages, comments and even reading other posts written on pictures, links, pages, or groups Why Do People Block Me On Facebook. The block is the most powerful weapon at the disposal of each user to leave out one or more people on Facebook. By obstructing you stop all communication between the 2 users on Facebook, present and future.

When someone stops us we do not receive a notice and it is challenging to understand if you were blocked, deleted from friends or if your buddy has deleted his/her account, or if that profile has been disabled/banned from Facebook. How do you determine what took place? Is it possible to discover who obstructed me on Facebook? Yes, and today we'll describe ways to do it.

Why Do People Block Me On Facebook


This Short article will not talk about buddies who have actually deleted you (who removed you from friends), here we broach the block, remove from friends and lock are 2 various things. If someone has eliminated you from buddies you can still visit his profile. If someone has actually obstructed you, you do not see anything, you can not find the person on Facebook and you can not communicate through Facebook.

Examine Whether Someone Obstructed You

Action 1

Enter your former buddy's name in the Facebook search bar and examine whether you can find her profile. Alternatively, if you know her username, go to her profile page by visiting https://www.facebook.com/X, changing X with the contact's username.

If you can find or access her profile, the contact either is still your pal or just opted to unfriend you without blocking you.

On the other hand, if you can not discover her in the search results page or if her profile page shows a Sorry, This Page Is Not Readily available message, that individual has blocked you, got an account restriction from Facebook or decided to delete her account.

Action 2

Introduce an alternate browser or log out of your Facebook account in your current internet browser. Go to Google and enter Jane Doe Chicago site: facebook.com in the search box, replacing Jane Doe with the user's name and Chicago with her actual hometown. Select her profile from the search engine result.

If you have the ability to see your good friend's profile, the user chose to obstruct you. Alternatively, if you see a Sorry, This Page Is Not Readily available message when visiting your friend's page while being logged out of your account, your buddy either opted to erase her account or got an account restriction or suspension from Facebook.

Effects of Being Blocked

Being blocked by a contact on Facebook prevents you from:

  • Sending her a pal demand

  • Visiting her profile

  • Sending her messages

  • Tagging her in pictures

  • Sending her invitations to groups or events.

Hopefully this short article Why Do People Block Me On Facebook has given you further insight into the Facebook.