How to Connect My Twitter to Facebook

How To Connect My Twitter To Facebook - One of the greatest advantages of linking the Facebook account with Twitter or viceis that your posts or tweets will be able to have more interest and also reach. Besides, you could put across each one of your messages throughout the two most powerful platforms effortlessly.

Twitter and facebook are one of one of the most preferred applications. If you make use of both of them, you would love to link your Twitter account with Facebook account or page to make sure that each of your message or tweet has the maximum likes and also comments.

Connecting Facebook account with Twitter or vice is fairly easy. But you have to do it through their web applications. Let me reveal you exactly how it functions.

How To Connect My Twitter To Facebook

How you can Link Your Facebook Account to Twitter [From Twitter]
Step # 1. Most importantly, open any internet internet browser on your computer and also go to

Step # 2. Now, sign in to the account you desire to connect with your Facebook profile.

Step # 3. Next, you need to click your profile as well as choose "Settings and also personal privacy."

Step # 4. Next off, click Applications tab situated on the left side of the display.

Step # 5. Now, you have to click Link to Facebook.

You will certainly have to log in to your Facebook account if you are not currently checked in. Enter your login qualifications and also click login to sign in to Facebook.

A popup will appear clarifying that Twitter will receive certain info from your Facebook account, click on "Continue as [your Account name]".

Step # 6. Successive, you need to choose the privacy settings for who will certainly see your Tweets as well as tweets posted on your Facebook wall.

By default, it's set to good friends. Click "OK.".

Moving forward, your Tweets as well as Retweets will certainly now upload to your account Facebook wall, and your username will be displayed there too. Nonetheless, responds won't be released.

How to Attach Twitter Account to Facebook [From Facebook]
You could link your Facebook account to Twitter to share your posts with your followers. You get the alternative to choose the kind of messages you wish to share. As an example, you can share photos or links as well as occasions.

Step # 1. Open up any web internet browser on your computer and open

Step # 2. Currently, click Link to Twitter.

Step # 3. Check out just what Facebook will certainly be able to do. Click on Authorize application.

Step # 4. Next, choose what you wish to post. As an example, if you do not wish to upload photos, uncheck package for it → Next up, click Save Modifications.