How to Get My Facebook Username

How To Get My Facebook Username - In addition to its searchable name, every Facebook customer has a private LINK-- an Internet address-- that web links directly to their Facebook web page. Some customers have customized names for themselves in their URLs, others merely have a long number appointed to their account. Either way, you can note a person's LINK as long as you could reach their Facebook page.

How To Get My Facebook Username

Step 1
Log into Facebook and type a name into the "Search" bar. As you kind, a list of Facebook individuals will certainly show up below, transforming to comply with the letters you go into. The highlighted user at the top of the checklist is the one Facebook believes you're more than likely to be trying to find.

Step 2
Press "Go into" if the correct individual has been highlighted, or click on a various one. This will raise the user's Facebook page. If you're not good friends with this individual, the web page may be partially or completely limited, however that does not matter.

Step 3
Search in your browser's address bar and note the URL. This could take the style "," where "username" is the person's particularly selected Facebook address, or it may be the less individual "," where "xxxxxx" is a set of numbers unique to this person's account. Either way, this is the account's Facebook URL.

Step 4
Confirm the LINK, if you like, by clicking the "Details" web link beneath the individual's account photo, then scrolling to the Get in touch with area. The Facebook LINK will certainly appear in this area, under "Facebook," unless the person's privacy settings have concealed it. If so, you'll still have the ability to acquire the URL from the address bar.