Facebook How to Delete A Page

Facebook How To Delete A Page - Facebook is split into classifications; amongst them are personal TImelines utilized to get in touch with friends and household and service pages utilized to promote an organisation and connect with customers.

For the majority of Facebook users, their organisation pages are extensions of their personal pages, which allows users to use simply one email and password to manage both pages. When you no longer want a Facebook business page, it is possible to erase simply the page while leaving your personal profile intact; you can do this directly from the organisation page you wish to erase.

Facebook How To Delete A Page

Initially, go to business page you wish to erase. To do that, go to your personal profile, click on the upper right-hand fall arrow next to the "Home" link. Click the page you want to delete.

When in that page, click "Edit Page" in the upper right-hand of the page.

Then hit "Manage Consents," the second link on the left side of the Edit Page page. Right above the bottom "Save Changes" button, you will see a "Erase Page" link. Click it.

A box will appear that asks: "Delete page permanently?" Click "Delete.".

Another turn up will state, "Page completely erased" and you will have successfully deleted a Facebook company page.

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