How to Delete Videos From Facebook

How To Delete Videos From Facebook - Couple of years back I wrote a blog post regarding how you can get rid of a web link or video clip from your facebook wall. That technique is now deprecated nonetheless as facebook has actually advanced alot currently. So lets see whats the new methos to find and afterwards delete the shared web links and videos from your facebook account.

Facebook allows the individuals to publish web links, images and videos on their timeline as well as they can be quickly removed as well. They can either be published straight to the facebook server, shared from other websites or merely shared from other customers accounts. The problem with this sharing is that often it ends up being hard to locate and also manage just what you shared and if you assume it had not been expected to be there.

How To Delete Videos From Facebook

Remove shared web links/ videos from Facebook Wall surface
In this post we will discuss ways to discover your shared material (photos, web links, videos, etc) quickly in an orderly means and after that erase anything you want out of them.

1. Login to your Facebook account
Goto as well as login to your facebook account to goto your homepage.

2. Goto Task Log of your facebook profile
Thats right, facebook maintains a log of your tasks on your account! Well we will go over the conspiracy theory theories a few other day however, allows simply concentrate on hiding (not getting rid of imho as facebook would never let your document go away for their "functions") the post which you shared.

So on the top right edge of your facebook account click on the arrowhead which you make use of to see the fall that lets you pick the logout switch. Because fall, rather than logging out, click "activity log".

This will certainly take you to the activity log area of your facebook profile.

3. On Activity Log page
While you get on the task log page, you will certainly see all your activities on facebook (yes those ones as well! 0_o) in a descending order by date as well as time which means the most recent ones will be first then the previous one and more.

If you can discover your message which you have to hide or erase/ remove from your facebook profile or your wall surface you could simply remove it. But if you can't discover it you can either choose the moment from the time option or else picked the group of the message from the left column. (You may need to click "even more" to see video clips as well as numerous other kinds of facebook posts.

After clicking much more it will certainly show the listing of products to chose from that include videos, information, games, etc.

Chose videos from the left column if you want to get rid of videos you shared and then you'll be revealed the listing of things you shared under that group on your facebook wall surface.