Quiz Facebook

You'll see a new panel for every test in Question Author Tracker-- Facebook settings.

Every test that is uploaded to Question Writer Tracker could currently be accessed through Facebook. This adds social attributes to the test. When an individual has actually finished a quiz taken with Facebook, they'll instantly be able to welcome their friends to take the test. You've likewise obtained an option to enable the test to publish a standing message and its score to the quiz taker's wall surface. The quiz can also be showcased in Question Author's checklist of leading tests. You'll need to switch both of those attributes on in the panel.

Attempt our Italy Sample Quiz to obtain a suggestion of how your Test will work in Facebook.

The easy means to distribute your app through Facebook is just to use the link from the panel. Nonetheless, you could also produce your personal custom app. This is a lot more intricate to set up, but provides you more control over the app. A lot more information on this in the next message.

Quiz Facebook

How you can Create Your Very Own Facebook Quiz App.
1. You'll first need to most likely to https://developers.facebook.com/apps.
You'll should accept this app if it is not currently in your Facebook account.

2. Click on '+ Develop New App'.

3. Give the application a title.

4. Select a namespace for your application (Examples-- statecapitalsquiz or nine-eleven-quiz).

5. Choose the Group-- Games/ Trivia (It is very important that your app be classed as a Ready the social scoring attributes to work).

6. Click 'App On Facebook'.

The Canvas LINK will have this style.

( you must change all 4 worths in the LINK).
11679 is the Quiz ID (You'll locate this in your Quiz's Public Web link).
Q49MG7WY is the general public Token (You'll find this in your Test's Public Web link).
108510769253788 is the Application ID (You'll find this in the App's Standard Information).
statecapitalsquiz is the Application Namespace (You'll locate this in the App's Standard Info).

The Secure Canvas LINK coincides as Canvas URL, however change the 'http' to 'https'.

7. Click 'Save Changes'.

8. Select 'Setups- > Advanced'.

9. Establish 'Canvas Size' to Liquid.

10. If you do not have your very own Personal privacy Policy, you can make use of QWT's http://www.questionwritertracker.com/account/privacypolicy.

11. If you do not have your ouwn Terms of Service URL, you could utilize QWT's http://www.questionwritertracker.com/account/tos.

12. Set the Application's images and icons. You'll require 2 images, one with dimensions 16 × 16, the other with measurements 180 × 180.

13. Return to the Facebook panel on your Inquiry Writer Tracker account.

14. Replicate the 'Application Secret' (located in the Application's fundamental setups on Facebook) right into the space on the Facebook panel on QWT.

15. Post a symbol for your test (dimensions 75 × 75) to someplace on the web, place the URL in the room given.